Think Safe

Think Simple


Oxi-King sanitizes up to 500,000 gallons of water* in cooling towers and other industrial applications while protecting service techs with unique, light weight replacement pacs that reduce exposure to chemicals.

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Think Safe

  • Forget lifting or shipping heavy buckets of bromine
  • No more accidental spills or breathing in excessive bromine dust
  • Easier to carry and facility friendly
  • Less storage space than large bulk drums
  • None of the hassles of 50 pound brominators and all the protective gear required

Think Simple

  • Quick universal installation fits multiple applications
  • Easy to use. Simply cut the handle off the Brom Pac and insert into the Oxi-King System
  • 10 setting control dial ensures a precise feed adjustment
  • The Brom Pac container is recyclable when empty


  • Broad spectrum bromine based chemistry provides optimal microbiological control including Legionella pneumophila.
  • Erosion design limits the amount of bromine that gets wet so it dispenses more consistently
  • Cost effective – One 5 pound Oxi-King Brom Pac treats 500,000 gallons of water*
  • Profitable repeat business model with replacement Brom Pacs
  • Robust 10 year warranty and knowledgeable customer service representatives

*Oxi-King releases a maximum of 4.5 pounds of BCDMH per day. See gallons treated chart for your application based on residual + load.