How much water will Oxi-King disinfect?

Oxi-King releases a maximum of 4.5 pounds of BCDMH per day. This chart represents the gallons Oxi-King can treat based on various residuals with no load. For example: if you know your load is 0.5 ppm and you want to maintain a residual of 0.5 ppm you could use Oxi-King on up to 300,000 gallons. (0.5ppm residual + 0.5 ppm load = 1.0 ppm requirement = 300,000 gallons)

What do the Oxi-King System and Brom Pacs cost?

Pricing may be obtained through Solid State Technologies. Visit www.solidstatetech.net or call 855-927-6543.

How do I know when the Oxi-King Brom Pac is empty?

Your existing ORP device will monitor output. If an ORP device is not installed, you can monitor the initial pac closely checking it every few days to see how long it lasts for your application. Then you can mark your calendar with that interval for replacements.

Can I control the feed rate using ORP & automated valves?

Yes as long as the actuator valve is up stream of the feeder bypass loop.

Can I “slug dose” using this system (ie: run water through the system 2-3 times a week instead of continuously)?

Yes. While the Oxi-King System is designed to maintain a consistent output over time. Its ten setting control dial allows for a wide range of options including the maximum of setting 10 if a faster output rate is needed.

Do the Oxi-King Brom Pacs have EPA registration?

Yes. Oxi-King Brom Pacs are registered with the Federal EPA and in the 48 contiguous States of America.